What You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Kuala Lumpur

At each new destination, I try and find some sort of event or excursion that I have never participated in before, something that makes me a little bit nervous, but something that I have to do because I know I will regret it if I back out.

I looked out the window at the Cessna 172 and could hardly believe they were going to let me co-pilot this thing!


The Cessna 172!

Being from the East Coast of Canada, it made me realize it was such a small world when I learned that the pilot I was flying with was actually from Montreal, only a short distance away from where I’m from!

We walked out on the runway and over to our plane where we did all of the ground checks together to make sure everything was a go.

Okay, so it turns out that I was a terrible co-pilot, and flying a plane is actually really difficult….


I looked confused, a lot.

The best part was how low we were flying over the city, so we were able to see the KL Tower and Petronas Towers up close!

I learned some of the rules of the air, experienced take-off and landing from the cockpit, took control of the plane while we were in the air, and kept my official one day membership card from the day I got to be a pilot.

IMG_2290 (1)

If you’re interested in giving this a shot, I have included some further details and answers to common questions that I have been receiving below!

Who should you book with?                                                                                                               From my personal research, I decided to book with OXBOLD – One Day Pilot Program, you can find it easily through google. 

Do you need experience, or any other pre-requisites to attending?                                               No experience needed! They give you a “one day membership” to their program. Insurance, however, is your own responsibility.

Is it safe/reliable?                                                                                                                               To answer this one I have to say to each their own depending on your own comfort zone. I can vouch for the fact that I did not at any point feel as though I was unsafe. I felt as though the main pilot was extremely knowledgeable, qualified, and safety was at much at the top of his mind as it was of mine.

What is the cost?                                                                                                                                    I chose the 30 minute flying experience, at a cost of 800 RM. I find this cost was reasonable in comparison to other extreme sport prices (ie. sky diving, bungee jumping, canyoning, etc)


What types of excursions/events have you attended in a new place?


H.B. – 



Toronto Transportation

Toronto is a big city.

They must have a very intricate subway system.

I won’t do any research on this and assume that I’ll be able to take the subway everywhere I go.

Lessons were learned.

It’s not that Toronto’s subway system isn’t reasonable considering the population size and downtown core traffic; it’s more so the fact that I didn’t prepare myself properly. As an East Coaster, I figured all large cities had elaborate subway systems that you could get almost anywhere on. New York does, so all big cities must!

Mistake Number 1:

The subway will be available from the airport to downtown.

Turns out, the subway lines don’t go all the way to the airport. They do however, end at a point that you can catch a bus to get the rest of the way. The bus is called the “Airport Rocket”, and I can assure you the name is misleading – it travels at far less than rocket speed.


Mistake Number 2:

All of the street cars and/or buses I need to take will be up and running on the days that I need them. 

So, Toronto has a lot of construction… The street car I needed to get to the main subway station was down, making the transport there much more difficult.

Mistake Number 3:

We’ll call an Uber! 

This one’s actually not a bad idea! Uber is pretty inexpensive, and when you’re new you can get some free ride credits. Our mistake was on the first call we accidentally ordered an “Uber Select” car instead of an UberX so it ended up being more expensive.

Mistake Number 4:

Following website instructions to figure out what bus or street car to take.

Only do this if you’re on the official website of the Toronto City Transit, otherwise your information may not be up to date. I found myself looking for a bus that didn’t exist anymore!


Luckily, none of these led to any serious problems. We weren’t in a rush to get anywhere since we were mostly touring around, and where’s the fun when you don’t get lost a few times?!

What mistakes have you made while touring around?