What You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Kuala Lumpur

At each new destination, I try and find some sort of event or excursion that I have never participated in before, something that makes me a little bit nervous, but something that I have to do because I know I will regret it if I back out.

I looked out the window at the Cessna 172 and could hardly believe they were going to let me co-pilot this thing!


The Cessna 172!

Being from the East Coast of Canada, it made me realize it was such a small world when I learned that the pilot I was flying with was actually from Montreal, only a short distance away from where I’m from!

We walked out on the runway and over to our plane where we did all of the ground checks together to make sure everything was a go.

Okay, so it turns out that I was a terrible co-pilot, and flying a plane is actually really difficult….


I looked confused, a lot.

The best part was how low we were flying over the city, so we were able to see the KL Tower and Petronas Towers up close!

I learned some of the rules of the air, experienced take-off and landing from the cockpit, took control of the plane while we were in the air, and kept my official one day membership card from the day I got to be a pilot.

IMG_2290 (1)

If you’re interested in giving this a shot, I have included some further details and answers to common questions that I have been receiving below!

Who should you book with?                                                                                                               From my personal research, I decided to book with OXBOLD – One Day Pilot Program, you can find it easily through google. 

Do you need experience, or any other pre-requisites to attending?                                               No experience needed! They give you a “one day membership” to their program. Insurance, however, is your own responsibility.

Is it safe/reliable?                                                                                                                               To answer this one I have to say to each their own depending on your own comfort zone. I can vouch for the fact that I did not at any point feel as though I was unsafe. I felt as though the main pilot was extremely knowledgeable, qualified, and safety was at much at the top of his mind as it was of mine.

What is the cost?                                                                                                                                    I chose the 30 minute flying experience, at a cost of 800 RM. I find this cost was reasonable in comparison to other extreme sport prices (ie. sky diving, bungee jumping, canyoning, etc)


What types of excursions/events have you attended in a new place?


H.B. – 



Calling on Fellow Travelers!


I have a never ending bucket list.

I love adding new things to it.

I want more ideas from YOU!

From relaxing activities to extreme sports, I want to hear it all!

I’m going to plan a trip in the coming months, and hearing from other travelers experiences is a great way to research.


Here are some things I have checked off:

  • Hang gliding (Switzerland)
  • Canyoning (Switzerland)
  • Learning to drive a scooter (Indonesia)
  • Parasailing (Indonesia)
  • Feeding a monkey on my shoulder (Indonesia)
  • Visit the Blue Lagoon (Iceland)
  • Horseback Riding (Iceland)
  • Ski in Whistler and Banff (Canada)
  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • White Water Rafting (United States)
  • Hike along the Great Wall of China
  • Visit a concentration camp (Germany)
  • Hike an active volcano (Indonesia)
  • Paddle boarding (Indonesia)
  • Visit the Yellow Mountains (China)
  • Bamboo Raft down the Lei River (China)
  • Climb Mountains! (Everywhere!)
  • Attend a Work Mission for the Poor (Dominican Republic)


Here are some things I would love to do:

  • Attend a summer and winter Olympics
  • Swing at the end of the world (Ecuador)
  • Victoria Falls Devils Pool (Africa)
  • Ride in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon (United States)
  • Skydive (Anywhere!)
  • Photograph Penguins (Antarctica)
  • Volunteer for the Lemur Conservation (Madagascar)
  • Climb a challenging mountain – For me personally, this would be a climb that would span 3-4 days.
  • Visit Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Scuba Dive (Galapagos Islands)
  • Photograph in Yosemite National Park (United States)
  • Try Archery
  • Attend another Work Mission
  • Experience busy Bangladesh
  • Camel Trekking in the Desert (Morocco)
  • Visit the Amazon (Brazil – Even though this somewhat terrifies me)
  • Visit Dubai and not go bankrupt


What are some other interesting things that are on your list?






Budget Airlines: What to Expect

Enjoying the convenience of an international airport close by is not one of the perks of living in a city with a population of 70,000. Finding a reasonable airfare can be daunting. More recently, budget airlines have been expanding, and I’ve tried a few of them out.

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of flying budget:

Their business model usually strips the ticket right down to just the flight itself, no inclusions, no exceptions.

Before purchasing a ticket that appears too cheap to be true, dig into the fine print and find out what your needs are versus what is offered in a basic ticket. They charge extra for things such as seat choice, food and drink, luggage, and often have processing fees. I have almost purchased flights that ended up being approximately the same price as a higher end airline simply because I needed to bring a carry on as well as a checked bag.



  • Safety features are not sacrificed in order to provide cheaper fares
  • They actually can work out to be significantly cheaper – if you understand ALL of the rules & regulations before hand



  • Extra fees can add up
  • Often do not cover as much as higher end airlines in the case of lost/delayed baggage
  • Usually no entertainment system
  • Blankets and pillows are often not provided for long haul flights
  • Frequent delays, clear disorganization (understandably, this could happen on any airline – in my personal travels I have had issues much more frequently on discount airlines)
    • If you are worried about making a connection, check the airline reputation for delays
  • Jam packed waiting areas
    • Often you are pushed to a smaller terminal where the budget flights leave from, they are usually way over capacity crammed with people sleeping on the floors, and no places to eat



Overall, every individual will have a different view of budget airlines. Always remember to add up the extra fees that you’ll be paying before purchasing the ticket, then compare that with a ticket on a non budget airline and determine what the perks that airline offers are worth to you before making your decision.

For example, if the price difference turns out to be $100 – is being able to watch movies, fee food, blankets, and pillows worth the extra $100 on a long haul flight?  Is your flight only 4 hours or is it 15 hours?

Always research the airline you would potentially be flying with before purchase because some budget airlines are fantastic and you could save yourself a ton of cash for a small amount (if any) discomfort. And sometimes, those extra perks outweigh the (usually) cheaper cost.